History Established in 1990, General Security & Education Corp. is a specialized manufacture rand exporter of top grade of car alarms, home security systems, electronic medical products and such related accessories. In 2009, another institution responsible for international education was established to cooperate with top foreign universities to organize and promote high-quality degree and non-degree education programs.
歷史 聯佳股份有限公司,成立於1990年,是高階汽車警報器、家用安防、醫療醫護產品及相關配件的專業製造商和出口商。在2009年,又成立一個負責國際教育的機構,與國外頂尖大學合作,組織及推廣高質量的學位、非學位的教育項目。
Vision Maintain a sharp focus on achieving high-quality products with far reaching services for all our customers. Customer satisfaction is our only way to prosper.
使命 致力於為所有客戶提供高質量的產品和深遠的服務。客戶的滿意是我們繁榮的唯一途徑。

Mission To take a broad view to the future, to benefit consumers, and to put into effect the company's business concept of "Customers the highest, quality the first" in each stage of both operation and production. To continue to flourish and make contribution to the common posterity of mankind, we shall not falter in our further efforts to make General Security & Education Corp. a better company.
任務 放眼未來,造福消費者,並在運營和生產的每個階段落實公司的經營理念“客戶至上,質量第一”。為永續做出貢獻並繼續努力,以使聯佳國際股份有限公司成為更好的公司。